The UPDATED and EXPANDED second edition of The Green Studio Handbook:

This extensive and user-friendly handbook is an essential reference for teaching and practice reference; providing valuable resources and guidelines for design studios, professional practice, and the general public. The focus is the application of green strategies during the schematic design phase of a project – when green can have a serious impact on building performance.

The Green Studio Handbook has over 550 drawings, photographs, and tables – 300 new to this second edition – and provides a description of principles and concepts behind forty-two environmentally-responsive strategies, each with step-by-step advice for integration into the early stages of design, annotated tables and charts to assist with preliminary sizing, key issues to be aware of when implementing a given strategy, and references to further resources.

New and notable:

  • Ten new case studies of various building types showing the successful integration of green strategies across a range of climates and countries.
  • Additional strategies, Site Analysis and Glazing, describing essential decision-making concerns during schematic design.
  • New tables and updated drawings to simplify the application of concepts, preliminary system sizing, and integration of strategies.
  • Substantially revised discussions of design intentions and criteria, and green rating systems.
  • All strategies and examples edited for currency and clarity.

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